A story about Dates!

The “TAMAR” Regional council is named after the ‘Date’ fruit. Tamar is the Hebrew word for Date. Here is a story about the introduction of dates to the State of Israel.

In 1954, Ben Gurion decided that it would be very worthwhile to grow dates in the Land of Israel.

With this in mind, he was interested to know where palm trees could be imported from in order to plant them in the soil of the Land of Israel and develop the palm tree industry in the country.

Knowledgeable people had revealed to him that the best source for importing date palms was in Iraq.

Ben Gurion, assigned the task of bringing the young trees from Iraq to the then security services. So with the help of boats the security team managed to sail the dates from the Iraqi side of the Persian Gulf, to the port of Khoramsakhar on the Persian side of the river (what an operation !!) where they rented a ship carrying an Italian flag and whose travel documents were European.

Thousands of palm trees of various types were loaded on the ship and only after crossing the Suez Canal was the captain of the ship informed of the change of destination to Israel.

Of course there was a commotion following the news, but finally the ship arrived at the port of Haifa.

At the port after it became clear that it had not occurred to the security personnel to find out the names of the date varieties (after all, they were not farmers) and the varieties were mixed up.

It was decided to bring in an expert who would evaluate the classification of the varieties.

A renowned expert came to the port of Haifa, from Mal Arish in Sinai, an area known for its date crops. At the end of the process of sorting by names, there remained a group of dates, the name of which expert did not know.

When asked, he replied in Arabic:

"Da Majhool" !!


Which in Hebrew is: "It is unknown" !!

And from then until today, the name of the date is "unknown" in Israel and around the world - Tamar Medjool.

And it's delicious and beautiful and yummy yummy, and especially spectacular from the plantations along the the Dead Sea shores.

Who would have believed that behind this fruit lies such a charming story that brings a smile to the face and a delicious sweet taste to the palate.

Date trees 3



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