A visit to the high school and the R&D Desert and Dead Sea, Masada Institute

Recently, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, MK Orit Farkash-Hacohen, visited the Tamar Regional Council and was accompanied by the head of the council, Nir Wenger.

During the visit, Minister Farkash HaCohen, visited the  Dead Sea Research Institute  at Masada and Kibbutz Ein Gedi High School, where she learned about the various studies conducted in Tamar for the development of settlement and life in the area and met the cyber students at Ein Gedi High School.

The school strives to promote personal and social excellence and accordingly, unique programs have been developed at the school that are tailored to the needs of the students and strive to realize their potential. Among the unique programs, a 'Bikorim" program that includes art and music majors with the best teachers in the country.

About three years ago, a cyber software engineering trend was launched. This is a very demanding trend and a large volume of unity. The demand for the program is increasing and so in the next school year about 30% of all students in the class are going to study there.

Nir Wenger, head of the Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council: "I thank my friend Minister Farkash HaCohen for the visit. Weather, living in extreme conditions and more, all for the development of research, settlement and life in our challenging space and for the benefit of the people of Israel who travel and vacation in the area.  We will all work together to strengthen the innovation, science and technology in many fields for the benefit of all."


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