Yehuda Almog is commemorated and the first street in the council is named after him

History was made in Tamar last month, symbolically inaugurating the first street in the council, in the name of the first head of the council, the late Yehuda Almog (1956-1965).

In an exciting ceremony, the road sign was unveiled  by the children of Yehuda, Eilat and Danny together with the head of the council, Nir Wanger, and inaugurated as Yehuda Almog. The road passes over the road leading to the council building and the settlement of Neve Zohar, descending from road 90.

The ceremony was attended by council members, Yehuda's  extended family and friends, Yoram Agmon - first council secretary and members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, who revived his story. On the side of the sea view from the council building, one could feel Yehuda's  presence and life the many pioneering moments. 

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Nir Wanger, Chairman of the Council:

Good afternoon to the complete Almog family, Dr. Zeev Zivon, Yoram Agmon, the first secretary of the council, and all of you

A nation that does not know its past, its present is poor and its future is full of fog "said the late Yigal Alon at the time and let me add:  an area that does not perpetuate its founders is forced to stand still and reinvent...

So , today is the end of a project that took several years and is all about honoring the first head of the council, the late Yehuda Almog.

Today we are inauguarating the name of the first street in the council, at the entrance to the council building and turning the address of the council into "Derech Yehuda Almog" so that in every official document of the council his name will be mentioned.

To me, this is closing a long process and commemorating the actions and vision of a man who against the odds, at that time, pioneered this area to succeed as it is today.

Yehuda Almo


He said "many more kiosks will be built here" and little did he know how much justice would be done to those words.  The kisoks became hotels, shops and malls and millions of tourists and visitors come to the every year, because of the vision of people like Yehuda Almog.

"And settlement and agriculture will be strengthened and grown in addition to the industry".  It is our job to continue to promote and develop it all.

I would like to thank all those involved in the process for carrying out the commemoration and event and especially to Ofra Gazit, the council spokeswoman and Sigalit Shaked the coordinator of the action and  who took this project and brought it to fruition.

In my opinion, Yehuda's resume is a value of Zionism without borders. He was born in Lithuania and was a member of the pioneer organization in Russia, Trumpeldor's assistant and under his influence joined the Zionist movement's missions.

Later he was one of the founders of the Labor Battalion and established a number of localities in the north. Later in life he joined the establishment of the potash factory in Sodom and in 1956 became head of the Tamar Council. Yehuda worked to develop the area in difficult conditions and succeeded where others dared to hope. 

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Thank you very much to everyone who came and may Yehuda's memory be with us always! "

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