A new friendship in the making - Tulsa, Oaklahoma, USA

A unique situation arose, a lot of goodwill on both sides, mutual co-operation and the result? An alliance of friendship and understanding between Tulsa, USA and Tamar Regional Council.

 The Jewish Federation of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tamar Regional Council have created an alliance based on first and foremost Friendship and with a lot of motivation and goodwill for projects in the fields of youth, sport, the "Golden Age'" and education.  

Tulsa is a big city with a small town feel, steeped in culture, history and tradition.  You can read all about the beautiful city on our Sister City page.

Like any relationship, this one began with people filled with the desire for a fruitful and fulfilling liason. In March this year the first delegation visited the Dead Sea.  A group of elderly residents of Tulsa from the Temple Israel came to visit the Tamar region realizing the dream of many people who have worked on this alliance for a long time.  Led by Mr. Itzick Levine (a member of Kibbutz Ein Gedi in his youth), the group of 20 arrived at Neot Ha Kikar and Ein Tamar Moshavs where they stayed in the various B & B's.  The hospitality of the local residents was warm and welcoming and exceptionally friendly.  A programme of events on a daily basis was organized by the moshav residents and the Jewish Federation together with the Tamar Regional Council.  The group was exposed to projects and topics related to life here at the lowest point on earth and felt the energies of the area especially from the kind people of S'dom.

A day at Ein Gedi, Masada and Ein Bokek completed their visit with a tour of the kibbutz Botanical Gardens, sinkholes, Dead Sea Research Institute and a bathe in the Dead Sea.  

Three more groups are planned for this year and we are all hoping that this alliance will flourish with the years and growth into a concrete friendship with many exchanges of ideas, information and cultural activities.  

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