World Championship - Grand Enduro - Dead Sea

The MINUS 400 race is a new race in the FIM HARD ENDURO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP league and opens the 2022 season. Hard core motorbiking, across courses that need to be seen to be believed. All here at the Dead Sea.

For the first time ever in the State of Israel and only at the Dead Sea HARD ENDURO lovers have had the opportunity to experience the unique course, built especially for the riders at -400 metre altitude.  With a backdrop of desert mountains to the west and the picturesque Dead Sea and Moab mountains of Jordan to the west, the location was incredibily special to say nothing of challenging and ardous.  

The name of the competition "Minus 400" is so applicable  because of the location.  The extreme, dusty and arid route incorporating some big climbs and decents that challenged even the best of the best, obstacles created especially for the location and unlike anything the riders had seen before in the desert location brought out the outstanding abilities of the riders and that together with passion, motivation and sheer determination for three days of pure HARD ENDURO the event was an exceptional spectacle for all the onlookers and supporters.

Colourful, loud, extreme, fun and with representatives of many different countries such as: Hungary, Spain, Honduras, Italy, S. Africa, Georgia and, of course, Israel.

With great pride of the Tamar Regional Council a local resident also took part Eden Regev from Neot HaKikar.  His performance was fantastic and exciting to watch.

Only the strongest and most adept survived the race but everyone is waiting in anticipation for next time.

World Championship 4

World Championship 5



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