Bad Kissingen visit Tamar after two and half years of being unable to meet. The delegation was mostly first time visitors to Isarel and were joined by the Mayor of Bad Kissingen, Mr. Thomas Bold.

Bad Kissingen, sister city of Tamar, have been visitng this region for over 25 years.  See the history on this website in the Sister City category.  A relationship that has gone from strength to strength over the years with visits, projects, business co-operation and exchange of information on many different subjects common to both regions.

This month a delegation of nine members of the Bad Kissingen local authority arrived in Israel .  The delegation was respresented by members of the Bad Kissingen local authority and included Mr. Thomas Bold, Mayor (as seen in the picture below) and the reason for the visit was primarily to meet Tamar mayor, Mr. Nir Wanger, who over the years has met delegations from Bad Kissingen through his previous position as tourism manager for the Tamar council.

The COVID is still controlling our lives here so upon arrival at Ein Gedi Hotel, the group entered their rooms for 12 hours isolation under they received the results of the COVID tests.  The following morning, all clear messages were received by all the gropu and off they went exploring the immediate area.  A visit to Nachal David and Ein Gedi Ancient Synagogue as well as the Botanical Gardens of the kibbutz were the agenda for the first day.  In the evening a meeting took place between the two Mayors, and council members from both sides.  It was a very friendly and pleasant get together with productive exchange of ideas and programmes for continuing this remarkable relationship.  Youth took primary place in the discussions and many ideas were considered for projects that will enable the youth on both sides to learn about education, culture and lifestyles.  


The group then had two days of discovering the region with a visit to Ein Bokek to see the new developments that are underway (new hotels, new roads, etc.), bathed in the Dead Sea and the went to Masada to visit the historic site.  On the way the group were hosted by Dr. Guy Cohen at the Dead Sea Research Institute where a tour of the facility also resulted in ideas for projects with the youth in the future.

The groups last day in the area was a jeep tour with a local guide, Mr. Dani Afik, and a good time was had by all.

The two sides will meet up again in October 2022 in Bad Kissingen for a celebration of 25 years of remarkable friendship.




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