Passover is upon us yet again, and this year we are celebrating not only the traditional holiday but recognizing 'relationships'.

Passover, the traditional Jewish holiay, is almost upon us.  This is a celebration of spring and of a journey from slavery to freedom.  It is a time when every individual should look at his responsibilities within his family, community and the world around him.  

 It is a commeration of that time that the Hebrews expressed the pain of their ancient enslavement in Egypt more than 3,300 years ago. A time when solidarity was the key to freedom and a new beginning for the Jewish people.  The celebration continues for a duration of seven days and involves the 'Seder' feast and many family activities.  This year will be the first time in two years that all families and friends are able to meet without restrictions of COVID.  An emotional time for everyone to be together. 

This year at Tamar we will be thinking not only of our loved ones but of the relationships that have begun to flourish yet again.  The world is waking up, the borders are opening up, old friendships are being rekindled and new ones created and a feeling of hope of a brighter future for the world as a whole.  The International Relations Department is back in full swing with various activities concerning our friends and associates abroad.  

So, Nir Wanger, Ofra and I (Alison)  will be thinking of our friends the Diplomats who visited the area just a few weeks ago, we will be raising our glasses to our Sister Cities: Bad Kissingen and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we will be reaching out to all the new friends we made at the HARD ENDURO motorbike challenge, as well as the hundreds of tourists that visited The Dead Sea Marathon in January. But, most importantly we will be thinking and praying for the people of the Ukraine.  Praying their hardships will end very soon and that all the care packages sent from all over the world will enable them to have some respite from the agony.

Happy Passover to us all - we ALL deserve a good feast and to be surrounded by those we love the most. 

Passover 2022



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