Following the Sounds in the Desert

The 20th birthday of the Tamar Festival and bar mitzva celebrations for the Indnegev Festival provide a great opportunity to experience two musical events that take place every autumn in the desert, attracting throngs of music lovers with a taste for indi

The desert puts on its holiday best to welcome thousands of music lovers arriving to celebrate the Sukkot holiday and the temperate autumn weather in two important musical festivals taking place this month.

Tamar Festival

Sunrise prformances

The Tamar Regional Council's desert areas around the Dead Sea on the way to Ein Gedi, Sodom and Masada, will all welcome and artistic program straight out of a dream יובל דייןduring the four intermediate days (hol hamoed) of the Sukkut holiday.
The Tamar Festival is celebrating its 20th edition by reaching new highs.“We have four stages,one of them under Masada, two original productionsand selection of previouslyunseen collaborations allagainstthe spectacular desert backdrop,as well as our famous sunrise performances," says Roni Hus, the festival'sartisticdirector. The festival’sfirstnightfeatures very interesting originalproduction the revolutionary album of the Friends of Natasha group. Radio Bla-Bla,in the format of rock opera, performedbythe group itselfand guestartists.There's also specialproductionon the second night Goingwith the Wind,לירון עמרם tributeto Shalom Hanoch with guestartistsprovidingtheir own interpretations of some of the singer’sclassics plus,of course, Hanoch himself, "l've been the festival’sartistic directorfor seven years now," Hus says. “The festivalstartedout 20 years ago as an initiativeof the Tamar Local Council, workingwith several Israeliproducers.The idea succeeded,because in thispartof the country there's wonderful combination of landscapes, nature, touring,nature reserves, and excellentculinaryand lodging options,Over the lastsixyears we’ve built strongteam and changedthe concept, which was littlemore conservative in the past. We now connect with allshadesof Israelimusic.” The festivalalso encompasses contemporaryIsraelimusic with Omer Adam. Benaia Barabi and iishayRibo; Hus discloses thatAdam and Ribo will sing two songs togetherin theirfirst collaborativeeffort The stagewillbe dedicated to electronic music on the fourth evening,in the best traditionof desert vibrations with Full Trunk. Tuna and Ravtd Plotnick(Nechi Nech), and specialDJ set with Infected Mushroom who will play host to electronicartistBliss,


"There will also be stageup on Masada thisyear,”says Hus, “A thousand peoplewillgo up on the cable car, 80 on each trip,to sec sunrise performanceagainst breathtaking backdrop.Among thisyear’sparticipants are Shlomi Shaban. Assaf Amdurskyand Yael Krauss, singingthe HighWindows, Avraham Tal with Shimon and Levi from Shotei Hanevua, Berry Sakharof and Hatikva 6, Hudag Nahash with Peled.” Other performanceswill take place on the grass,under the baobab tree at Kibbutz Ein Gedi and at Neot Hakikar and the ecologyparkat the entrance to Naha! Amatzia. "The Tamar Festivalmirrorsthe developmentof Israelimusic,” says Hus. “In recent years, world music hip-hop,Eastern pop and the like has begunto penetrate here. We also liketo propel young artists Imri Dadon. Eliad and Bcnaia Burabi got theirfirst exposure here. We’re alwaystrying to identifythe next thing,but we stillgiverespectto the veterans and to the Israelimusic of the past,it’srecommended family entertainment.Everyonecan find themselves at the Tamar Festival.” October 14-18.


100 Artists on Five Stages

“This year'sIndnegevwillbe especially big,”says Assaf Ben David, one of the founders of the event which has alreadybecome one of Israel’smost important festivals.“We startedsmall 13 years ago. few guys from the area. kibbutzniksand moshavniks who decided to conduct communal and environmental event for local residents. am basicallyfrom Ein Iron,but duringthat periodwas studyingat SapirCollegeand lived inthe South. There issomething very fundamental,magicaland beautiful about the desert,and the festivalkepton growingfrom year to year.” Indnegevtakes placeat Mitzpe Gvulot in the Eshkol Regional Council,in an area that'sgenerally identifiedas the Gaza Envelope. “The placeis very beautiful visually,and we enjoycoming here,”Ben David says. “Over the years the festivaldeveloped musicallyand has become more diverse.We have traveledto all kinds of festivalsabroad and got inspiration.” When ask about the "indie” in die name of the festival,Ben David says thatthe event remains bold, alternativeand independent. tern at ve matter of


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