TULSA is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, and the 45th largest in the United States. The city has 413,066 residents. The recent alliance with Tamar Region is already forming friendships and ideas for mutual co-operation projects.

This year, as previously reported, we forged friendly relations with the Jewish Federation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A relationship that came to our door from acquaintances of friends from our communities Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar.

Dudi, agriculture coordinator, Neot HaKikar
Dudi, agriculture coordinator, Neot HaKikar 2

This week we were visited by a delegation of educators (14 in number). Educators who were interested in the educational institutions in our council. The educational delegation was accompanied by the education department's deputy, Hadas Turgeman Nagar, together with the council's international relations department team and the coordinator of agriculture in the council.  

On their agenda at Tamar: Taking a tour of Masada, revelling in the beauty of the Dead Sea, walking in the Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens, and especially getting to know the infrastructure of the kindergartens and the regional high school in Tamar, in a meeting with children and staff: the principal of the high school, Ben Ereli, and Fantanash Pernillis, the childrens nursery and kindergartens coordinator in Ein Gedi.

Ben Ereli, High School Principal

The delegation enjoyed getting to know and listen to the talented musicians from the "Bikurim" boarding school, and the minds of all of us are already thinking about how to continue to expose our children / students to this part of the world.

Throughout the hospitality the delegation expressed their positive and encouraging impression of our modern education system, from the highest level, and we were proud to share it with the visitors. 

Hadass, Tamar Education Head, a relaxed chat

We are looking forward to creating exchange programmes for our school children between Tamar and Tulsa and hope that the photographs in this article portray the warmth and goodwill that was felt on both sides.

Bikorim perform for Tulsa 2.JPG
Bikorim perform for Tulsa



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