New digital tourism venture: 'The lowest road in the world' launched. The launch of the 'Lowest Road in the World' and its official inauguration were held earlier this week at the Dead Sea Research Institute at the foot of Masada.

A new tourism venture, in participation with the  Chairmen of the local authorities, The 'Lowest Road in the World' on THE DEAD SEA ROUTE

The launch event of the 'Lowest Road in the World' and its official inauguration was held last night at the Dead Sea Research Institute at the foot of Masada.

The project was initiated by the Tamar Regional Council many months ago, at the beginning of the COVID 19 outbreak, and was based on the idea of ​​making the Dead Sea Land accessible with the ability to plan an independent route for individuals, families and group visits to various attractions and sites. Arad and Megilot joined the leadership of the project, which was carried out in cooperation with all the local communities from which the road ambassadors were recruited.

The event was attended by many guests, including the heads of the authorities along the lowest road in the world: the mayor of Arad Municipality, Mr. Nissan Ben Hamo, the head of the Megilot Local Authority, Mr. Aryeh Cohen and was hosted by the Tamar Regional Council.


The 'Lowest Road in the World' is an ongoing narrative route along the entire length of the Dead Sea region, that harnesses partners based on standards of operation and service, to create an optimal guest experience. This tourism product creates accessible points of interest and tourism content on the website and a dedicated platform in various languages ​​within the Dead Sea Land site, under the heading: 'Lowest Road in the World.  There, the traveller is able to build for himself a "road story" that combines the route with meeting real people - "ambassadors of the road" and historical figures defined as "historical ambassadors".

The road is run by local tourists from the three authorities in addition to nature reserves and points of interest in the area. The ambassadors were supplied with novelty passports from the Land of the Dead Sea and visitors will be able to receive the passport with an official entrance stamp at the various points they visit. The traveller will be able to map the places he would like to visit, including times and distances, and even coordinate in advance his arrival and stay with the road ambassadors.

The development of the 'Lowest Road in the World' and its recognition as an international tourism brand will hopefully lead to increased traffic from Israel, and the world, to the Dead Sea and the State of Israel, similar to global tourist routes such as: Mont Blanc (Switzerland), Camino de Santiago Cross-Israel Trail and more.

Minister of Tourism Yoel Razvozov said “Tourism in the Dead Sea area is a significant part of tourism to Israel and Israel. Therefore, I am happy for the opening of this beautiful road. This is another project that will enrich the variety of tourism opportunities in the area, and thanks to it, our unique natural resource here in Israel will continue to be a pilgrimage centre for many tourists - tourists who will bring a lot of money into the Israeli economy and create many jobs, especially in the periphery."

Nir Wanger, Head of the Tamar Regional Council said "Cooperation of local authorities, Tamar, Arad and Megilot, gives new content to a visit to the Dead Sea Region and to the story of the desert, and allows for authentic and unique experiences in our extraordinary location.

During the joint, hard work that was accompanied by the COVID 19 we were able to create a real relationship between residents, tourists, visitors and location. Now with the click of a button and a tour of the site you can build the perfect vacation in our area, without the assistance of a travel agent. I thank our partners and our ambassadors. We are waiting for you!!!".

Nissan Ben Hamo, Mayor of Arad: "Every community everywhere should be based on its strengths. The Tamar Regional Council is doing the right thing, developing the appropriate tourism for the area by involving the fascinating initiatives that the people have created all around.

These initiatives, such as the lowest road in the world, fit in wonderfully with the tourism supply in Arad. We do not compete but complement each other, and together we create the best experience for tourists who come to the area from Israel and abroad.

Aryeh Cohen, head of the Megilot Regional Council: "On behalf of the Megilot Regional Council and its residents, I am proud and excited to see the 'Lowest Road in the World' project take shape.

'The lowest route in the world is an expression of the fruitful cooperation between the authorities along the Dead Sea and moreover, it is an expression of the enormous tourism potential inherent in our region.




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