"Salt of the Earth"

Salt of the Earth, pre-military program came to an end this month with a gathering and celebration of a year of physical energy expended, emotions discovered, friendships made and decisions arrived at. Well done girls!!!

"I hope you are already feeling the impact of your experience in the last 10 months. The impact on your physical and mental abilities, on your social skills and most importantly - on your heart expansion"

A short excerpt from the moving remarks made  by the association's Director General and head of the "Salt of the Earth" pre-military school, at the closing event of 7th cycle, in the presence of the Mayor of Tamar Regional Council, Nir Wanger and the Director of the Communities department at the Tamar Council, Mr. Ronen Erlich.

The main idea behind the "Salt of the Land" pre-military school is to establish a framework that will enable a creative educational response to a diverse target audience. Its educational mission is to integrate boys and girls from different backgrounds into an integrative group and direct them to meaningful military service and a contributing civilian life.

The composition of the participants in the program, named:  "Desert Girls", includes female youth from a variety of backgrounds, and is a representative sample of Israeli society.


For adults as well as the audience, Yaron mentioned that despite the differences, it is easy to connect and expand perspectives when it comes from a loving place and how impossible it is when it comes from a critical place.

The Salt of the Land program was established in 2009 with a unique collaboration between visionaries and educators, the Tamar Regional Council and Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

Huge thanks to the director of the program, Diya Badash, and to the staff: Eilat Luria - the caregiver, Nelly, Tomer and Yael - the instructors, Elian Shukron and Netanel Steinmetz - principal, Racheli Levy - the alumni coordinator and Sivan Harel - the training coordinator.

"This whole year is a choice, from arriving at the program to the way you choose to say goodbye. You have shown great courage in your dealings with yourself, with the group, with the field and with the various voices inside and out." said Diya Badash.




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