In the evening, boys and girls, the head of the council, Mr. Nir Wanger, together with the director of the youth department, Mrs. Anat Buskila, and excited instructors gathered in the Ein Gedi swimming pool to celebrate their up and coming freedom!!.

The youth department in Tamar, prepared a spectacular event and the youth were heard saying:

heart"There's nothing quite like the summer in Tamar"heart


Leah Naor wrote: "The end is always the beginning of something else ...". Each end is accompanied by a new beginning. For example, cycles of a year of activity - a year ends, the summer vacation begins, the vacation ends and a new year of activity begins. A chapter in life ends and a new one begins. This is the circle of our life."

Tonight, we mark the end of the year 2022 which was accompanied by full changes and innovations. The number of youth has increased miraculously. For some of us it was the first year, for others it was another year and for the alumni group it is their last year in the education system.  This is an exciting evening that symbolizes a lot of things for us.

So how do you sum up a year? It looks like it's been an extraordinary year. A year of activity with much good, fun and learning. These activities have been carried out with grateful thanks to the Tamar Regional Council. Nir - the head of the council, Hadas - director of the education department and senior council members understand the importance of the activities of the youth and behind the scenes take care and ensure that all our dreams will come true. The council puts education first and invests, in the youth and children, many resources that enable us to carry out all the activities throughout the year. This investment is not self-evident and is unlike any other regional council. Our grateful and enormous thanks for everything.

The year was indeed rich in activities, events, meetings, movement, activists, training and hence, a very busy schedule. Lots of things most of which are produced by the adult instructors, youth coordinators and premilitary youth. I invite you to experiment with taking responsibility for the activities that take place in your community in order to make the youth activities more meaningful and especially more experiential for yourself and all your friends in the community. Remember, good leadership = influence!

To the training team in all the localities - I wish that the flame of education and the love of the youth will always burn in you. You are bigger than life. I wish graduates who are embarking on a new path - a year of service, preparatory work, army - come up and succeed and remember that we will always keep a warm corner with us in our hearts,  and in the council region.


In his poem, Yaakov Gilad wrote:

"Every ending has a new beginning
And separation is always difficult ....
It's the time it's the day it's the moment
Freedom calls for me to start a new life. "

Tamar Regional Council wishes all its youth a wonderful summer holiday and a future full of hope, health and success."





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