The Ein Gedi High School children travelled to Rome to present their Moringa project to the Food and Agriculture Organization at the UN, after their successful win at the ISDG competition in Israel last year.

Huge achievement for Ein Gedi High School students - winner of the prestigious ISDG competition Vitoso, went to Rome to present their project.

Congratulations  to Ein Gedi High School students who managed to fulfill their vision - Yotam Baruchi, Gilboa Hermon, Maayan Keinan, Amit Etadegi, Liran Brown, and the education coordinator of Midbar and Dead Sea R&D, Moshe Itach, all presented the water purification project using the seeds of the Moringa plant at the Food and Agriculture Organization conference in UN, Rome.

Greeted and congratulated by Achinoam Nini, an Israeli singer-songwriter, percussionist, poet, composer, and human rights activist and the first Israeli artist to perform in the Vatican.  In the video clip below you can hear her performance of Beautiful That Way.  

Take a look at the full PowerPoint Presentation of the journey that the children took to reach their goal. 

Presentation-moringa final.pdf


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