DEAD SEA GUARDIANS - a group of passionate volunteers who devote their time to the preservation of the saltiest lake in the world. Please join them and spread the word.

DSG | Dead Sea Guardians - August 2022

The international movement for saving the Dead Sea and the Jordan River

Facts and Figures:

  • Updated Dead Sea water level to July 1st, 2022: -436.99 meters below sea level - and dropping.

  • The Dead Sea recedes by 1.2 meters every year and has already lost over 30% of its historic surface area.

  • There are ~7,000 sinkholes - and counting.

Help us save the Jordan River and Dead Sea - become a Dead Sea Guardian today!

The Dead Sea Guardians, established several years ago, are an active Environment Conservation Organization that fights for the preservation of the Dead Sea.  This contraversial lake bordered by three different nations: Israel, Palestine and Jordan not only tells a historic story, but is testimony to the wonders of nature and its endurance of climate change and mans interference.  However, now it is finally succumbing to its fate and as you can see from the terrifying statics above it is just a matter of time before it dies altogether.  Returning the flow of water to the lake is of utmost importance for the future of this 3 million year old sea: 

"One of the DSG’s major goals is to convince both the Israeli public and government to adopt our Sea of Galilee - Jordan River - Dead Sea outline as official policy for the Dead Sea’s future." says Oded Rahav, leader of the Dead Sea Guardians.

Please connect to the above link, join the group and spread the word.  We need more and more ambassadors around the world to inform the globe of the tradegy thats happening here on our doorstep. 




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