The 22nd Tamar (Date) Festival is underway! For four nights, 26 artists that all us Israelis love will perform in a limited and one-time edition, from dusk to dawn, at the Nature's Culture Hall – Israel's most favourite festival.

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The Tamar festival continues to raise the standard, with an elaborate production that glorifies the deserts nature. This is the festival's 22nd year which almost allows us to declare the Tamar festival as an official holiday on the calendar. This year the festival continues to shine with surprising collaborations, which seem to even surprise themselves. Five days of the best Israeli music, exciting night shows, performances that turn into energy-filled parties and the well-known sunrise shows that have become classics.  All this against the backdrop of a breathtaking desert setting.

Nir Wanger, Mayor of the Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council, one of founder and host of the festival:

"According to tradition, the Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council invites the people of Israel and its visitors to the Festival, which takes place every year on the Sukkot holiday at the Nature's Culture Hall at the foot of Mount Massada and at sites throughout the council. Our festival leads hosts of the best singers for a celebration of original Israeli music in unique compositions that can only be seen, heard and felt here. In addition, we invite you to enjoy the bathing beaches, the nature reserves and the varied tourist sites throughout the area of the Tamar Regional Council of the Dead Sea."

Roni Hus, Artistic Director of the Tamar Festival:

"Welcome to the Tamar Festival. The festival and the artistic program are a mirror and the coming together of Israeli music and Israeli art. Every year the we raise the bar, and try to give space and opening to a variety of artist performances and one-off and rare compositions, old and new, east and west, north and south and for all this amazing mix that exists here in Israel. We have four wonderful stages, stunning desert locations and a variety of performances suitable for everyone. So come and join us in Sukkot, live life and remember that this nature together with the music are moments you will never forget."


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