25 Years of friendship and partnership - A reason to celebrate

25 years of Bad Kissingen district partnership with Tamar Regional Council: banner exhibition takes visitors on a special journey.

Similarities and differences are extremely obvious in the relationship between Bad Kissingen and Tamar Regional Council.  On the face of it, there would be very little chance of building a solid friendship or partnership with so little in common.  The terrain is from one extreme to another, the climate is very different between the two locations, the language, the religion, the culture all almost opposites of each other and yet, 25 years on the relationship is still solid and going strong.  

In commeration of 25 years of exchanges, official delegation visits, holidaying public on both sides, Bad Kissingen have created an exhibition explaining the connection between us.  Using pictures from the past to the present, social media, digital technology and most importantly 'people to people' communication the exhibition opened on 19th September at the Bad Kissingen Town Hall.  

Please click on the link below to find out more, and, if you are passing through Bad Kissingen please send them our warmest regards. :) 


Banner exhiition 2022


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