A rare sight at the Dead Sea: ducks that accidentally landed in the water and got stuck were rescued thanks to the alertness of the lifeguard.

Visiting the shores of the Dead Sea this month were two ducks.  They landed unexpectedly in the extremely saline Dead Sea water and struggled to swim.  The alert lifeguard, Michael Moshovitz, rushed down to the shore and rescued the ducks.  He washed them with fresh water and then called the Nature and Parks Authority who came to collect them and take care of them.  The director of the coastal department of the Tamar Regional Council, Amnon Shimoni, said "This is, without a doubt, a very unusual event.  The migration season is upon us and the ducks, for some reason, decided to visit the area.  I know the beaches of the Dead Sea very well, and this undoubtely a very unusual event.  As far as I am concerned, this is the first time something like this has happened".

Michael Movshovitz, a lifeguard at Isrotel Beach who spotted the ducks, told N12: "We are in a period of migration from Europe to Africa and there is a large transit of a lot of birds here. It all started when I recognized a duck that was hard to get over the water and just couldn't... is in the sea and can't get himself out."

"I took a boat, went out, and managed to grab it and bring it to the beach, where I cleaned it and transferred it to the Nature and Parks Authority," added lifeguard Movshovitz. "Everyone received it very nicely. It's the first time I've ever seen anything like this. We have been identifying migration here recently, there are many types of birds and animals, but this is the first time we see them stopping at the Dead Sea, settling on the sea and realizing that something is not good, and straight away fly fast. Those who are a bit delayed when they sit down just can't get back into the air and then get stuck. No animal comes here on purpose, it's either a navigational error or it wants to settle down and because of the salt gets stuck."

Lets hope for a speedy recovery and a return to their journey very soon.







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