Ein Gedi, Neot HaKikar, Ein Tamar, Har Amasa, Neve Zohar and Ein Hazeva are all the communities under the jurisdiction of Tamar. Each and every one has a plan and vision for the future on their community. Read on to find out what is going on at Ein Gedi


A letter from the Kibbutz Chairman, Ms. Maya Dvir

The New Year is upon us and with it comes many opportunities and renewals.  With our farewell to the Corona years, we are witnessing the renewal of tourist traffic in the Route 90 districts in general and Kibbutz Ein Gedi in particular. The variety of languages ​​can be heard around the hotel swimming pool, the bus stops are once again filled with multi-colored suitcases, rental cars are parked in the parking lots and nice strangers are looking for a perfect photo angle in the botanical garden. More the better.

Another regeneration is peeking out from the west of the road crossing in Nahal Arugot, its color is green, its stems climb up between the iron wires stretched between posts and those in the know say that in a years time clusters of grapes will begin to grow there. After 3000 years, the Ein Gedi vineyards are renewed  and if we look carefully we can see King David reaching out and forging from them.

And if we're talking about kings, the undisputed king of our region, the weather, renews its days like every year and we already feel the departure of summer and the arrival of autumn. The autumn of Ein Gedi is where the young blossom to their peak following the return of the boarding school and pre- military programme girls.  As every year, Kibbutz Ein Gedi renews the programme with a group of new young girls who will enjoy their time with us until the end of spring, together with the new boarding school children of all ages whom we will see on the Kibbutz sidewalks in the coming years.

The weather also awakens within us the desire to enjoy the sunshine and utilize the power of the sun for renewable energy. Another phase of solar panels is upon us, when beyond the utilization of the sun from the sky we are also interested in erecting  carports for the vehicles and to utilize the roof with solar panels.  That's what is called a double bonus: shade for the cars and solar power for the community. 

Looking towards the sky we can also see the renewal of the migration of Cranes.  Flying towards the warm countries of the African continent, some of them stop here and stand on the tops of the bare date trees submerged in the sinkholes.

Many resources are invested in the subject of demographic absorption and many organizations are partners in this endeavor. Committees, meetings, conversations, votes, funds, consulting and advertising are only the beginning of the joA year of renewal for all of usurney that the members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi have bravely embarked upon.  In many ways a journey into the unknown at the end of which dozens of new friends and members will join the group, together with their children,  whose laughter in our garden is a essential for our existence.  It is the smiles that are the face of the whole point of regeneration.

Wishing everyone  a happy, successful and healthy year of renewal,

Happy holidays 

Maya Dvir

Chairperson, Kibbutz Ein Gedi


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