Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar the two southern most communities are also looking forward to new beginnings and new hope. Read on to find out what it is all about.


Life within touching distance


Moshav HaKikar is beginning the year of 2023 with a boom of demographic growth alongside economic entrepreneurship.

There are 90 families in the moshav, 7 of which are new families who have chosen the communal way of life in the heart of the desert and are currently in the process of absorption.

Dead Sea Land International Relations Department would like to take this opportunity to wish the adopted families success from the bottom of our hearts. We spoke with Yoni Stern, the coordinator of demographic growth in Moshav, who shared about the prevailing trend of renewal in the Moshav.

Stern says that the families who come to live in the settlement do so thanks to the quality of the education, along with the rich community life and the natural desert environment. The absorption committee of the moshav is doing its best to promote rapid acclimatization of the families and their integration as an integral part of community life in the moshav in particular and the Tamar Regional Council in general.

Recently, a special event was held in honour of the new families in which a lecture was given about the community life of the Arabian Babbler birds by Dr. Oded Kinan, a member of the neighbouring Ein Tamar Moshav, along with the support of the head of the council, Mr. Nir Wanger, for a successful year of absorption.

Stern adds that there is a lot of interest in moving to residences in the moshav, in combination with economic development plans that motivated the moshav's management to further promote the urban planning process, intended for the expansion of the moshav's residential and employment options alongside the private one.

The management of the moshav and its members see the Tamar Regional Council as a full partner in promoting the community development processes with the assistance of the settlements department, alongside the promotion of the planning processes at an accelerated pace by the engineering department for the benefit of continued demographic growth and increasing the supply of employment and entrepreneurship for the new families.

On the economic level, the moshav developed a number of new initiatives in a variety of subjects, including in the fields of tourism, energy and agriculture. These will create an economic infrastructure designed to help increase the moshav's income, in favour of continued development and meeting current needs.

Good luck to all residents of Neot HaKikar and we wish you a happy and successful 2023.

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Cultural and social renewal in Ein Tamar


In the heart of the settlement, a short walk from the families' homes, are the cultural and leisure services, where we renew ourselves every time there is a social activity.

The cultural hall in Ein Tamar was renovated this year enabling gatherings of all residents together and/or for families’ private events.

This year we held shows for the kindergarten and junior division, school age and adults, in the performance hall which is also used for concerts by artists coming from outside and our children.

Every year, the Holocaust and Memorial Day ceremonies are also held in the hall, which is shared by members of both Moshav’s (Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar).  The local gym is located close to the hall and is attended by all residents of both communities.

Not far from the hall is the pub which opens its doors on Saturday night. And so, once a week the club is transformed into a social place where you can order drinks and chat. A delightful location for family celebrations, friends socializing together and just general chit chat from the week’s activities.

Behind the club is the soccer field that is used not only for soccer and sports but also for outdoor gatherings of all types.  We celebrate holidays together, have community picnics, parades and festivities. 

Behind the club and the hall is a soccer field that is used by the participants in various classes and as a recreational activity for those who wish to play soccer as a spontaneous and social gathering. We usually celebrate holidays together and on the same football field have a picnic in Independence Day uniforms. In addition, a community soccer tournament is held on the grass, as was the case during the past year as well. Next to the soccer field, there is an indoor basketball court that is used by anyone who wants to have a social gathering based on basketball.

And in the 40th year of the moshav, this is the opportunity to wish all members of the moshav a happy 2023, health and a blessed and fruitful socio-cultural-economic future.



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