Read on to find out what's happening at Har Amasa and Neve Zohar


Har Amasa is a Moshav located in the south of Israel near the Yatir Forest about 14 km northwest of Arad, it is the only member of the Tamar Regional Council to be located in the highlands outside the Jordan Rift Valley.Currently its population is about 200 residents.

Over the next couple of months an important building project will be completed.  This project includes the building of a day centre for young children, youth club room, and an all-round sports field.  In addition the community will see the completion of the new neighbourhood plots.  The planning process has been completed and now the foundations are in place for the erection of 48 new homes for new residents.  It is expected that the absorption of new residents will begin in the first quarter of 2023 and the houses will be built soon thereafter. 

So, even this quiet corner of Tamar has reason to look forward to the new year.  Demographic growth and improved local facilities will be key to a flourishing and vibrant community.

Happy 2023 to you all and the International Relations Department of Tamar wishes you all every success.

New development
New developments



Neve Zohar is no stranger to renewal and expansion.  The area, sitting adjacent to Ein Bokek hotel resort, has been part of the Ein Bokek tourish expansion over the past few years.  This little village is finally coming into its own with the building of new homes, with stunning views over the Dead Sea and Moab mountains of Jordan.  

But in addition to all this it is highly likely that 2023 will see the completion of the new Emergency Centre, next to the Tamar Regional Council offices.  The centre will incorporate all the necessary functions that are necessary for emergency calls throughout the Dead Sea region.  Ranging from security issues to flooding problems and desert tourism rescue to Dead Sea swimmers in difficulty.   Israeli Police and Magan David Adom ambulances services will have offices and give a service from the centre.

The lowest place on earth, that is fast becoming the busiest place on earth (a slight exaggeration), but it is all happening at the Tamar Regional Council

Emergency Centre




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