Ein Gedi boarding school has been growing and developing quite significantly over the past 5 years. Read on to hear from the director of the school, Yaniv Oren, how he believes in excellence in all fields of the youth life.

Ein Gedi Boarding School presents: Community at its best

Ein Gedi boarding school was reopened this September with renewed energy and activity with a significant addition of strength in the form of a debutante group for excellence in Arts, Theatre and Music, all of whom came from the Gaza surrounding areas.

The school is proud of the 76 students, grades 8-12, who all come from different walks of life and are the central pillar in the life of the kibbutz which strives to give excellence in personal and social skills.

The emphasis at the boarding school again this year will include investing in the development of the trainee guidance counsellor’s autonomy and independent management ability as a main value and in an attempt to instil in them skills that will serve them for the rest of their adult lives. The trainees will learn how to manage an organization, lead their students and turn their dreams into reality.

Another feature of utmost importance woven into the life of the boarding school includes maintaining direct contact with Kibbutz Ein Gedi, where the boarding school regularly takes part in the kibbutz's traditions, in various cultural and community events. Also, different families host the students and at the same time there are often joint trips with the kibbutz youth for the purity of an inspiring social experience.

This year the boarding school is also expected to plough the country lengthwise and breadthwise, as part of enriching trips with an emphasis on getting to know the area of ​​the Judean desert and the streams in the area, as well as parts of the "Israel Trail" project, which the boarding school students are carrying out. This is the fifth year.

The goal: creating an identity with the regional spirit

A major goal that the boarding school has set before themselves during the coming year is the continued strengthening of the identity with Kibbutz Ein Gedi in particular and the Tamar area in general.

The activity of the boarding school is carried out by providing a family and safe space for development, building a leadership group, connecting to the community and the youth society in the kibbutz, and most importantly while strengthening the sense of belonging and turning the boarding school into a "home away from home" for them.

Another component focuses on building leadership groups within the boarding school, including student councils that are democratically elected, projects and social initiatives led by the students (environmental initiatives, enrichment classes, independent management of the rooms and common spaces, etc.).

We will continue to devote our full attention to enabling individual and group realization for each boy and girl, to shape a value and moral society, an active and caring youth who thinks outside the box and contributes to the community.

Yaniv Oren

Director of Ein Gedi boarding school



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