The Tamar Regional Council doesn't sit on its laurels when it comes the environment. High temperatures, arid terrain, high saline content in water and air, minimal water supplies all create major problems for continued existence at the Dead Sea.

The first agricultural conference of the kibbutz movement took place this month on the 11th at the Leonardo Club Dead Sea Hotel.  The mayor of the Tamar council, Mr. Nir Wanger, opened the conference and greeting the attendees with an important message: The southern region of Israel is abundant with various styles and types of agriculture from fruit to vegetables, from trees to ground growth, from innovative methods to traditional farming and it is our responsibility to ensure that under these extreme climate conditions it is vital we maintain the harvesting of all these expetional farms and assist in keeping livilihoods ongoing by ensuring that we do everything possible to take care of the climate.  In attendance was the new Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Avi Dichter who held a productive and reassuring meeting with Mr. Wanger. 

Agriculture Conference 2023 b

The climate conference at Tamar with Arad municipality and Arava Tichona took place on 11th January and was held at the Dead Sea Research Institute, Masada, Dead Sea.  The conference was aired, live, on Southern Radio and attended by Ms. Ayala Avrahami, Chairman of the Environment Committe, Arad, Mr. Nir Wanger, Mayor of Tamar Regional, Mr. Nissan Ben-Hamo, Mayor of Arad and Mr. Shimon Razlia, Head of Yerucham Municipality.

The Environmental Quality committee is committed to outlining a policy of enviornomental issues to initiate and plan activities to ensure sustainable development and use of the environment.  The subjects that were discussed included: 

Food and water systems in extreme areas:

Assessments of the climate change and its impact on the southern region

Farming in an extreme zone

Food and water waste in the hospitality industyr

Tourism seat: food and water waste in the hospitality industry

Climate conference 2023 a

Climate conference 2023 c


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