Yet again, a group of young and slightly older visited the Dead Sea for four days in order to take part in the Dead Sea Land Marathon. A busy schedule, a lot of fun, old and new friends, the wonderful relationship blossoms at every visit.

At the beginning of this month we were privileged, once again, to spend time with our dear friends from Bad Kissingen.  So much has been reported about the town, the people, the relationship and the history of the connection but time and time again we are reminded of how close these two so different locations, cultures and peoples have become.  This time, in honour of the Marathon, a group of 37 ranging in age from 16 years to, lets say, almost 70 years young, came for a visit to Israel for 10 days, four of which were spent with us here at the Dead Sea.  11 youngsters, all took part in the marathon and most of the older people also ran. 

Marathon 3
Marathon 2

The group stayed at Ein Gedi Hotel and the International Relations department created an itinerary of across the board activities from historical sites to local communities, bathing to running, evening lectures to propping up of the bar and fun and laughter to meeting with locals.  The group spent one day touring the region with a stop off at Har Amasa community where they were greeted with a glass of mulled wine (Glühwein) and a warm welcome from the chairman of the community.  After a tour of the mountain village with a sharp chill in the air, the group were treated to lunch and a presentation of the essence of the community.  

Har Amasa 2
Har Amasa 1

The day of the marathon was the highlight of the visit with one runner participating in the Ultra 50 km marathon and all the rest in the 21 km or 10 km heats.  Christian, who ran the 50 km, came third in his age group and 7th overall.  This was out of the 340+ runners that took part in the race.  It was a tremendous achievement and we all congratulate him on his success.

Evening activities were the cherry on the top of the visit.  A drum circle, led by our dear member of kibbutz Ein Gedi, Gil Caspi, where the group learnt how to make music from the Darbuka (Goblet) drum which to say the least was hilarious.  Luckily everyone had had a drink or two so trills and melodies were eventually filling the air and keeping the hotel guests awake (all in good humour).  The second evening, once again the group were entertained by Gil Caspi and his partner Yair in an evening of music and song on the hotel bar patio.  The group soon warmed up in the cool air and sang and danced and even Tim, a young student, dared to stand on stage and sing along with Gil.  Well done to Tim, a great performance!!

Drum circle 1
Drum circle 3

We were sorry to say goodbye to the group after such a busy and intense few days.  The International Relations department is looking forward to the next group arriving in November.  An official visit of the municipality members but we will soon get them warmed up to the Israeli hospitality.

Neri Areli 1




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