The Tamar Regional Council communities were all established at different times. Celebrations have been very finely tuned since COVID. But the advantage of a society that lives together is one of strength. Read more ...

Ein Tamar  is a moshav in the northern Arava valley in Israel. Located south of the Dead Sea, it is a primarily farming community with peppers, melons and dates being their main crops.  There are about 200 residents in this small village, and it is growing rapidily.  The moshav was established in 1982 and just this month the community celebrated their 40th anniversary.  Looking back over the years they remembered their humble beginnings and celebrated their progress and growth.  Old residents, who have moved on to pastures new, came from far and wide to share in the celebrations as well as many representatives from the local council.

The Tamar Regional Council wishes them many more years of productive farming, community spirit and demographic growth. 

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Ein Gedi  was the first community that was established on the shores of the Dead Sea.  This February the kibbutz celebrated 67 years of a journey that has seen so many twists and turns and has watched its members getting older and older.  So, whilst 67, may not be a milestone theoretically, it is a pensionable age (according to Israeli law) and that has to be a good enough reason to roll out the barrel and have a community sing song, raise the glass in a toast to themselves and look towards the young for a promise of many many more years of prosperity and demographic growth.  Congratulations Kibbutz Ein Gedi - keep up the good work.

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