There is nothing we can do to defy nature! We will all get old eventually but the question is what do you do with your time on the way to old age?

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Introducing the every growing daily routine day centre of Kibbutz Ein Gedi  - The Baubaub House.  A place of calm, content and culture for the dignified older generation of the kibbutz.  This centre offers extensive activities of all types for the residents of the kibbutz ranging from yoga to pilates, workshops to lectures, outings to field trips. The centre, run by Sara Caspi (member of Kibbutz Ein Gedi)  does its utmost to meet the needs and desires of the people and offers a warm and supportive social atmosphere that suits the lifestyle of the locals.

The building, originally part of the elementary school in the kibbutz, was renovated in 2012 and opened as the pensioner’s centre.  Programmes of activities include, physical exercise sessions for men and women, creative classes, outings throughout the country, lectures on every subject you can possibly imagine, enrichment workshops and social activities incorporated with the kibbutz community.  Most of these activities are run by volunteers and by the locals of all ages.

The centre opens 4 days a week mornings and evenings and provides breakfast made by the patrons.  The atmosphere is one of activity, culture and rich content with the emphasis on social connections with the local community and beyond.

We wish them well.

Just today, we have welcomed Edwin Melzer from Bad Kissingen (our twin city in Germany) who sat in the Baubaub House and had a coffee with the members.  Such a satisfying picture of communities across the waters enjoying each others company for over 20 years. 

Edwin with members


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