A global networking and industry event, IMTM 2023, designed to connect professionals from all levels of business and service in tourism and travel, at The Expo Centre, Tel Aviv.

The annual international tourism fair IMTM 2023 was held between the dates 14-15.2.203 in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism.

The well-established fair was held for the 29th year at the 2EXPO Tel Aviv pavilion, and included 158 pavilions, over 750 exhibitors and more than 40 countries from around the world who took part in it. A total of 17,000 visitors visited during this time!


The fair is intended for those involved in the various tourism industries - both foreign and domestic tourism. Every year, a wide variety of exhibitors regularly participate: tourism departments and associations in Israel, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, shipping companies, service providers and attractions of various types in the field.

The exhibition includes a variety of related professional meetings and conferences, as part of which hundreds of decision makers from around the world who market Israel as a tourist destination come to the fair.


These kind of events, that are held around the world annually, are of great importance for the Tamar Region.  Our main employment is tourism which provides our residents with a steady income and sustainability in their daily lives.  During the COVID this was, obviously, seriously damaged and left many families without an income at all.  The world in generaly suffered from the same symptoms and we are all still struggling to recover.  The Dead Sea region is unique and has many attactions to offer so attendance at the IMTM and similar exhibitions especially in Europe are of utmost importance to us.  

Let's hope for a bright future in the hospitality industry with no climate issues, no viruses, no environmental catastrophes and no wars, just peace, calm and tranquility heart



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