The largest agricultural exhibition in Israel this year dealt with innovation in agriculture, the exhibition was attended by about 30 thousand visitors.


Sunny and perfect weather, over 30 thousand people came! Among them are lots and lots of friends from the Salt of the Land, startups and entrepreneurs who presented the pinnacle of innovation and technology in the agricultural sector, CEOs and company teams, heads of agricultural organizations, instructors, researchers and excellent farmers from all over the country and delegations from our neighbors in Jordan and Gaza and the world. Here are photos from the open day - the Agricultural Exhibition, The annual event, the largest in Israel, held for two days at the "Yair" research station in Hatzava.


Grateful thanks to the Middle Arava Regional Council and its head Meir Tzur, to the amazing team of the Middle and Northern Arava R&D Tamar, and its head Ilon Gadiel, to the manager of the Arava economic company Naomi Becker, to Ran Guron Ran Guron and Ms. Goraon for the scholarships for their father Yair Goraon, to the producer The cannon Eyal Shirai, to the partner councils Tamar Regional Council , Ramat Negev Regional Council, Hevel Eilot Regional Council, to all the companies and entities that contributed to the success of the exhibition and the continued existence of the agriculture industry and self-food production


The Tamar Regional Council booth presented agricultural produce from the council's locality farmers. The quality of the produce and the rich variety of fruits and vegetables that grow in our area filled us all with pride.  The arid, hot desert terrain and extremely hot climate present many difficulties that need to be overcome.  With the help of hard working farmers, creative farmers and professional advisors including local industries and businesses, all the trials and tribulations can be overcome.  The result was proven at the exhibition with the luscious and colourful produce. 






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