SOMETHING NEW IS BEGINNING (the continuing story of education at Tamar)

Ever so quietly, every morning, the regional high school students in Ein Gedi wake up to a new educational reality that includes an emphasis on experiential learning and skills development in the modern world.

These days, the students of Ein Gedi Regional High School are undergoing a process of change and redesign of the essence of learning and teaching between their walls. The revolutionary program, carried out in collaboration with the Tamar Regional Council's education department, advances daily, and is based on developing learning skills that include practical practices while experiencing challenging learning and unique characteristics.

What do you mean, I hear you asking? Well, as part of the regional high school vision that brings together students from 10 different localities from 2 regional councils (Tamar and Megilot), there has been a fundamental need to refresh the school learning space and adapt it to the modern age. This vision is actually realized through a wide range of 'unconventional' learning options, which include gardening, architecture, young entrepreneurship, website building and product design, and striving for excellence through collaborations with leading academic institutions in Israel and around the world, such as Stanford University, the prestigious US establishment and the Tel Aviv University.


Those who have been victorious over this profound process for the past two years are the teaching team led by high school principal Ben Areli, 39, who tries to instill his beliefs and goals for education to the 240 students in the 15 classrooms. 

"We are in the midst of a challenging period for the high school, which includes a change of mind that stems from a vision to develop the school of the future," he said. '' It's been a little over a month since we held a high school professional conference during which our excellent teachers introduced to over 30 school administrators from across the country the innovative learning they developed themselves. The concept itself includes the implementation of new learning practices in full collaboration of the teacher and pedagogical staff. Behind it is the desire to provide our students with quality educational tools that will serve them in their adult lives.''

This project enables the students to learn from life itself.  Once a week they experience non-school learning and take courses on value-added topics such as humanism.  The school has also invested in the English language learning programme by bringing teachers from the US into the classrooms.  Another project that the school principal is very proud of is allowing students to take academic courses as early as middle school. If they succeed in 3 courses, it means that they meet the academic requirements and academic exams of Tel Aviv University, and they will be entitled to a future psychometric exemption in most of the faculties at Tel Aviv University.

It is important to note that the basis of our educational work is the knowledge that the children and youth who are educated among us are talented and of great potential. We just need to help them to recognize their abilities and realize these skills.

The Tamar Regional Council, including its Education Department staff, allows us to grow and carry out a real educational revolution by support and close work throughout the year. Surely, if it wasn't for their support, we would have been in a completely different place today.


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