Singing their hearts out!

Spotlight on the singer groups proudly representing the council's localities – '' Desert Voices '' from the Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar and the Ein Gedi Choir.

Ein Gedi Choir
'' Desert Voices ''

The "Desert Voices" group conducted by Ilan Gilboa was established in 1986 as the representative group of the Tamar Regional Council.

Since then, the group has represented the region with pride both nationally and internationally and has taken the a central stage in community events and ceremonies.


The group consists of 16 singers of all ranges, all residents of Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar, located in the southern Dead Sea region.

The conductor and musical director of the group, for more than a quarter of a century is Ilan Gilboa, assisted by the group's director, regional cultural coordinator Sima Schwartz, who has been a band singer for some 30 years.


The band's repertoire is comprised of original Israeli songs and foreign-translated Hebrew songs, which receive special adaptations under the musical tenacity of Ilan Gilboa. In addition, the group incorporates movement while singing on stage, adding an additional and unique aspect to the nature of its activities.

The group meets once a week on Tuesday afternoons at the in the local club room at Neot HaKikar.


The group made up of all ages from young to the slightly older and their tones literally blow in the wind across the desert and Dead Sea.



Ein Gedi

When emotion and nature meet.The Ein Gedi group started its activities in the 1960s, and has been on and off for about 50 years. At its peak, the group numbered 24 singers (currently totaling 11 singers). This is one of the oldest bands in the country, which has been renewed in recent years under the musical direction of Ron Geng. The rehearsals take place every Sunday and over the years, leading musical directors from up and down the country have been directing the choir.

Once a year, the group participates in the ‘Voice of the Rina’ concert, a regular event in memory of three members of the group killed in a car accident, Rina Mazor (the founder of the official group), Zvi Horesh and Binah Wenger. Two of those killed, Zvi Horesh and Rina, were members of the band.

In addition to this event, the group participates in special events and conferences that include meetings of other bands that take place several times throughout the year.


The band's conductor and musical director, Ron Geng, adds: "Ein Gedi singer is a group with a special sense of humor. Last year, the group prepared a special program for children, incorporating accessories such as pots, whistles and more, which was a great success. The accessories were designed to connect the younger generation to songs, traditional music and performances, and it was a great success. In addition, the band performed last year with a show featuring original children's songs at the singer's "Bell Bells" festival in Beit Guvrin, with great pride.


And how can I not mention the wonderful nature that inspires these singers.  Their rehearsals take place in the ‘Arugot’ club room, with a majestic dry river bed winding through the valley of the desert mountains and the its unique landscape.


The band have performed both locally and abroad and have indeed travelled with the ‘Voices of the Deserts’ to the Tamar Council’s twin city, Bad Kissingen in Germany for serval performances over the years.



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