We are all ready steady go! for the up and coming Dead Sea Land Marathon. Are you all geared up, fit and trained - 50 km is the maximum. RUNNING ON THE DEAD SEA – THE DEAD SEA LAND MARATHON THE DEAD SEA MARATHON RUNS ON 7th FEBRUARY, 2020

The AIMS International has officially recognized the Dead Sea as the lowest marathon route in the world. In early February, the second marathon will be held with new tracks around the Dead Sea and on the Jordanian border * "This is the most unique marathon in the world that cannot be replicated anywhere else.  Running on the Dead Sea is an unforgettable experience” says Mr. Nir Wanger, Mayor of the Tamar Regional Council.


The marathon season has opened and along with it comes the opportunity to participate at the lowest place in the world - the Dead Sea, where the marathon will be launched on 7.2.2020 at the Ein Bokek Beach area of the Tamar Regional Council. The Dead Sea Marathon is in its second year and will offer participants a unique running experience in an environment they have never run in before, alongside ancient salt crystals, facing the magical desert landscapes and Israel's eastern border.  Unlike the first marathon held last year on Route 90, this year all runners will be sent east, straight into the sea towards Jordan, on a never-before-used dirt embankment specifically tailored for the marathon participants. As part of the marathon, the runners will take part in the 50 km (Ultra Marathon) Israel Championship race, the 42.2 km marathon, half marathon, 10 km race and the 5 km for families and children. The entire event will start from the artificial island in front of the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and at the new complex there will be parking for hundreds of vehicles, distribution kits and coffee and water stands together with entertainment on the nearby Ein Bokek beach.


As registration for the marathon continues, the participation has reached thousands including over 300 runners from around the world.


The marathon, which is in its second year, grew out of the foundations of the veteran Ein Gedi race, held in remembrance of two young men from Kibbutz Ein Gedi. For over 30 years, the race had hosted thousands of runners who delighted in the breathtaking landscape and serene atmosphere. In continuation of the commemorative race of previous years, the 10 km event will be held in memory of the late Tomer and Giora Ron, members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.


The highlight of the race is a run into the sea, on the border embankment of the Dead Sea Works that encompasses the southern part of the sea. For the first time, the runners will be embraced by the stunning views. Only once a year do the security forces permit public access on the dikes and therefore introduces the runners to the amazing vista that is usually only enjoyed by the employees of the Dead Sea factory or security forces.  The dike serves as the border area between the Israeli Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea and passes as a barrier without a fence between the countries that maintain a common and peaceful daily routine. For the most part the route is a dense and flat gravelled area and will be secured by the police force and the army.

The race takes place with the assistance and support of the Dead Sea Works (ICL), the Ministry of Tourism and its main executor - the Government Society for the Dead Sea Protection and the Dead Sea Drainage Authority.

The Dead Sea Land Marathon is professionally recognized and standardized by the AIMS World Athletics Association and the Israeli Athletic Association, and the measurement of track distances has been done by a qualified surveyor.  In cooperation with the Associations, we hold the 50 km Israel Championship Ultra Marathon - the only race of its kind in the country!

Mayor of the Tamar Regional Council, Mr. Nir Wanger: "The name ‘Dead Sea Land Marathon’ is already becoming a household name. This is the most unique marathon in the world that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The race is a continuation of the traditional Ein Gedi Race in the name of Giora and Tomer Ron and we are preserving this memorial tradition. Running on the Dead Sea is a memorable experience and has many benefits. The Tamar Regional Council has turned the marathon into a traditional winter sports event in Israel. I invite the public to come, run and experience the magic of the Dead Sea! "


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