Twenty-three years and still going strong! A wonderful delegation of young and slightly older, descended upon the Dead Sea this month to take part in the Dead Sea Marathon. Read on to find out how successful their visit was for one and all.

Bad Kissingen is a spa town in Bavaria, Germany and has been twinned with the Tamar region for the past 23 years.  The relationship began with Yoske Areli who grew up in Bad Kissingen and came to Israel at the age of 17.  His love for this old spa town never dwindled and he found a truly special way to keep in touch.  A sister city relationship was established and the young and old of the Tamar region have been enjoying its fruits ever since.  

Our youth travels annually on an exchange programme to Germany and they visit us also every summer.  But there is also a very different visit every year to Ein Gedi and this is the 'sport minded' people that have attended annually the Ein Gedi Race that is now the Dead Sea Marathon.  Students and adults alike visit the region to take part in the marathon and to enjoy a few days touring the area.  

On the itinerary, as always, is Masada reigning in all its glory over the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea Research Institute, the Ein Bokek hotel and holiday area and Neot HaKikar for a taste of modern day agriculture and of course, the dates!  

Taking part in the marathon is an experience second to none.  Running along the dikes in the Dead Sea with a serene and calming atmosphere, despite the 4000 participants running alongside you, silent comradeship is established amoungst the runners.  42 km, 21 km or even the 50 km Ultra Marathon does not stop these determined people from Germany and medals were handed out all round.

After all the excitement of the race and the following day a jeep tour of the mountains and crevices of the Dead Sea's private desert terrain, an all important meeting with our new mayor, Mr. Nir Wanger and a friendly social gathering with kibbutz members the delegation returned to Germany with a taste for more.  These wonderful people are now our ambassadors and we know we will see them again very soon.


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