The Dead Sea Land Marathon No. 2 has been and gone! For the second year running, sportsmen from all over the world travel to the Dead Sea, Israel and take part in a race that is second to none globally. Running on the Dead Sea sounds like an impossible d

The Dead Sea Land marathon that took place on February, 7 2020 was a roaring success.  Over 4000 participants from all over the world congregated at the lowest place on earth to run - on the water! - and complete tracks of 5km, 10km, 21 km, 42 km. and even the 50 km. Ultramarathon.  

In honour of the marathon’s second year, an upgraded running concept was introduced that  offered an exciting experience for all participants – all the tracks ran eastwards, straight towards the sea, on a never-before-used gravel dike. The tracks are circular with minimum repetition of any track and with minimum running on asphalt.

The gathering and Start areas were also renewed. The entire event  started from the artificial island in front of the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel, at the new complex  parking for cars, distribution of the kits and coffee / water stands.  An atmosphere of excitement, fun, anticipation and competivness was already in full swing the night before.  The runners arrived at all hours of the evening to collect their kits, to meet their fellow sportsmen and to enjoy the serenity of the Dead Sea by the evening lights.  

Everyone ran on the sea, even the shorter races had the unique experience of running in the middle of the sea.  There was a circular route that has been designed to provide minimum repetition of tracks and provided many more drinking stations.  All this planning enabled road 90 to remain open throughout the event which is vital as this is one of the most important public transportation routes in the country.

The highlight of the Dead Sea race is the run towards sea on the border embakment of the Dead Sea Works that surround the southern part of the Dead Sea.  Only once a year do the security forces permit the use of the dikes for sporting purposes and this gave the runners the opportunity to discover breathtaking views that have so far been observed only by employees of the Dead Sea factories of security personnel.

The dike serves as the border area between the Israeli Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea and is a barrier without a fence between the two countries that maintain a common and peaceful daily routine.  The route mostly takes place on a dense and flat graveled area and was secured by the security forces and the army.  

The race was, without a doubt, an outstanding success.  Over 400 runners from abroad joined the run and enjoyed success by beating personal bests and being placed in the top 10.  The music, stalls, refreshments and sporting atmosphere gave the spectators a wonderful day while waiting for their loved ones to run to victory.  The Dead Sea just smiles and lays quietly serene throughout the whole event and welcomes the attention. 



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