It is not new news, it is not fake news but it is sad news. The world is in isolation. Corona has quickly and quietly circled its way around the globe and changed the day to day life of every human being. So what about the lowest place on earth?

Rainbow over Dead Sea.zi
Corona, so far, has not reached the Dead Sea.  There were tourists that were found to have the virus when they returned to their homeland but none of the locals here have been infected, as yet.  All the six communities of the Tamar Regional Council are,  on lockdown and the council and community management are working together to provide as much support as necessary.  People are, of course, struggling without work, without social gatherings and without visiting families.  But ....

A new dawn has arisen here at the lowest place on earth.  Communities have become true communities.  People have organized themselves taking in consideration the people around them and the surroundings.  Perhaps that is the big advantage of living in a gated communitiy - anywhere in the world.  People know each other and when in this situation - isolation, distance, quarntine - there evolves a comradeship that wasn't necessarily obvious before the hard times.  

Here, the Tamar's communities have bonded in an extraordinary way.  The elderly are confined to their homes and the younger generations are taking care of their every need.  Volunteers are taking orders for supermarket shopping, prescriptions from the doctor and meals on wheels.  The youth of the community are running around on golf carts delivering (leaving outside doors) all the orders.  The even younger are volunteering to walk the dogs and even taking care of stray animals that wander in off the desert.  The local entertainment committees have created a variety of options for online fun - radio with stand up comics (locals), news from the region, music from all eras - by request - and even tips for healthy living whilst being confined to four walls.  Young keep fit enthusiastics have posted video clips for the elderly with exercise regimes that can be completed in the comfort of the home and are on hand for any questions or requests with specific issues. Quizzes and crossword puzzles are sent to social media sites, chat sites and even WhatsApps accross the local population.  The elderly are very grateful and are loving the attention.

Israel reacted very quickly to the corona crisis and the local authorities got to work immediatly in effort to provide the best care they possibly can to their residents.  We hope and pray that you are all keeping safe and well too, and that we will be back to normal - but improved - daily routines very soon.

(in the picture: a rainbow or hope, that appeared over the last weekend,  embracing the Dead Sea and all its residents)

For your information here are the guidlines from the Ministry of Health in Israel:

  • It is forbidden to go to parks, playgrounds, malls, and the beach.
  • Do not leave home, except when absolutely necessary.
  • Social connections should be maintained by remote communications.
  • Commercial establishments and entertainment venues are closed (except for supermarkets, pharmacies, and places that sell food to take away).
  • All gatherings of more than ten people are not permitted.
  • Visitors still in Israel will not be allowed to continue their planned visits to sites.
  • Visitors are requested to stay in their hotel and plan their departure from Israel as soon as possible.
  • Visits to hospitals and senior facilities should be avoided.
  • Excessive hygiene – wash your hands with soap and avoid handshakes.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you're coughing or sneezing, or sneeze in your elbow.
  • For adults over 60 and people with chronic background diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory diseases or immunosuppression- it is recommended to avoid, as much as possible, going out of the house, hosting people at home, except for essential services. The at risk population should rely on friends and family to bring home supplies.
  • There is a 14-day home quarantine duty for anyone returning from abroad, even after a short stay.
  • The Ministry of Health recommends avoiding public transport.


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