Our sister city, Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany is, as are most all of us, in the midst of the corona crisis too. But elections still took place and the results are in.

Thomas Bold is an old and new district administrator in the Bad Kissingen district. Running against his two competitors for the office in the local elections, Thomas Menz for the Social Democrats and Manuela Rottmann for the Greens, Thomas Bold (CSU) prevailed and is now starting his  fourth term of office.

The voters decided last week: Thomas Bold (CSU) will take up his fourth term and will remain the district administrator of the Bad Kissingen district. "It's a great result for me - to be confirmed on this scale." Thomas Bold has been an incumbent for 18 years. "For me, this is a clear electoral mandate that I am very happy about," said Thomas Bold. He now wants to "push and work on projects and topics". 

Here at the Tamar Regional Council we are thrilled with the result.  For the past 18 years Mr. Thomas Bold has been a partner and friend to our region.  We have enjoyed youth exchange programmes (and are still enjoying them until today), delegations from different sectors of the municipatlities have visited each other regions, annual holiday makers come in groups from Bad Kissingen to the Dead Sea and sport delegations take part every year in the marathon.  It is a friendship that has developed and blossomed over the years and we are looking forward to many more exciting projects of mutual co-operation in the future. Letter to Thomas Bold congrats 1.pdf Reply Mr. Thomas Bold.pdf


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