A new mayor, 100 days in charge, a lot of hope, many issues and dilemmas and now the corona! – who is the man that took on this tremendous task?

Nir Wanger - Mayor 2020
Mr. Nir Wanger, husband, father, kibbutz member from birth and now mayor of the Tamar region.  Nir’s roots are here at the Dead Sea.  He has grown up working in various departments, tourism, human resources, agriculture and product development.  Taking on the role, head of the region – 1300 residents, 2 million travellers on the road through the region annually, 15 hotels on the Dead Sea shores, 6 communities, historical sites and educational establishments - just a taste of his journey ahead.  The borders of the region, demographics and tourism are his priority and having completed 100 days in office, he is, just now, beginning to understand the enormity of his tasks.  And …. Just to add insult to injury – Corona arrived in the world.  The region is totally shut down and this is a disaster for a region 90% dependent upon tourism and foreign relations. 

“However,” says Nir “We will stay and home and survive together.  We will use this time to continue our planning and developing and we will open up the region with renewed energy, hope and life.  The Dead Sea belongs to the world, we will take care of it until the world comes back to visit”. 


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