The great Jewish 'family' celebration is on the horizon and corona is with us still. How are we going to cope with the restrictions upon us?

Passover, the traditional Jewish holiay, is almost upon us.  This is a celebration of spring and of a journey from slavery to freedom.  It is a time when every individual should look at his responsibilities within his family, community and the world around him.  

 It is a commeration of that time that the Hebrews expressed the pain of their ancient enslavement in Egypt more than 3,300 years ago. A time when solidarity was the key to freedom and a new beginning for the Jewish people.  The celebration continues for a duration of seven days and involves the 'Seder' feast and many family activities.  This year the Seder will see the 2020 holiday start on 8th April and will end on 15th April.  But how will we create the family atmosphere, the community spirit the group activities in this era of COVID-19?  Sitting at 2 metres distance, not being able to touch each other, children running around, sharing the cup of wine, the traditional hiding of the matza for the children to find are all, simply, not possible this year. 

Passover 2020

Here at the Tamar region we will do our best.  Families that are under the one roof will be together.  Friends and neighbours will have to stay in their own homes this year, but the community spirit will still be abundant in the days leading up to the Passover Eve.  We will all ensure that those who are living alone or who are vunerable or in self-isolation will get baskets of goodies delivered to their doorstep, the children will draw pictures and send good wishes for the holiday and the many many volunteers that have got themselves organized in each and every community will make sure that everyone has something significant for the celebration.






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