Whilst the lock-down continues for us mere mortals, nature is oblivious to our problems and continues to blossom and bloom. The sun is shining outside and offers hope and promise for better days ahead.

Flowers in spring Ein Gedi 2
For the past 60+ years, Spring, at the Dead Sea,  has always been celebrated with picnics, gatherings, festivities and lots more under the blossoming trees and amongst blooming flowers of the various communities.  The famous botanical gardens at Ein Gedi, the even more famous nature reserve of David's Well also in the Ein Gedi vicinity abound with flora and fauna for everyone to enjoy in the glorious sunshine.  Passover, Independence Day are just a couple of reasons for celebration in this part of the world.  People venture out at the weekends with sumptuous food baskets, bathing costumes and ball games of every type imaginable and enjoy the beginning of a new season, fresh warm air and the heat of the sun rays warming up our winter skin.  Its as if the blossoms serve as a symbol of hope and as an excuse to party.  

The southern end of the Tamar Region at Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar is really isn't any different.  The farmers enjoy the tilling of the land in the warm sun and a cool, long drink of an evening, even perhaps a barbeque, in their cosy gardens.  The days are longer, and the endless possibilities offered to us for a good time are what we all look forward to after the long winter months.  

But this year, it feels like no-one told Mother Nature about the COVID-19!  Wasn't there an email sent around to everyone and everything?  Doesn't she wonder where all the people are?  Doesn't she feel like she is wasting her time blooming and blossoming all over the place if no-one is going to come and enjoy her efforts?

Well, we have a message for mother nature:  Whilst we are all locked in our caves at the moment, hang in there mother nature, we will get over this, we will be out soon and we expect to find you busy in your phenomenal task of sprouting and flourishing and  waiting to greet us with open branches and flowery smiles.  It won't be long now.  

Flowers in spring Ein Gedi 3




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