Lockdown is easing off, some kind of normalcy is returning and summer is on its way! With hope in our hearts and belief that we will beat this crisis, plans are well and truly underway for this year's music festival.

Tamar Festival 2020
Celebrating 21st anniversary of the Tamar Music Festival

Arousing the desert from its deep sleep, replenishing the human factor into its sandy and rocky terrain, and saturating the atmosphere with pure artistic genius is the objection and indeed the duty of the Tamar Festival.  Now in its 21st year and hoping no virus, corona or otherwise will upset the plans the date 5th October running through to 8th October 2020 are a MUST for the diary.

Maintaining the unique legacy of brilliant musical collaborations and original productions that are exceptional and inspiring, this year the Tamar Festival marks the festivities after a period of isolation with a magnificent cultural experience. Four days of Israeli music  featuring  original productions as well as a selection of musical collaborations, representing the best of Israeli music. A wonderful experience in the backdrop of the breathtaking desert setting that include the notable iconic sunrise concerts.

Offering a great cultural mirror the Tamar Festival is known to embrace Israeli musical diversity, performances in a variety of locations across the region provide a fanfare of cacophony harmony this year, especially, designed to send a message that we will bond with nature and not be beaten by invasive microbes.


Photography credit: Shachar Glas



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