The Dead Sea Museum is a new type of platform for Art Exhibitions in virtual reality. Through commissioned digital artworks, the project aims to open new ways for contemporary artists to present and showcase their work.

The Dead Sea is disappearing before our very eyes! 


The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and one of its saltiest bodies of water.  It is shared by three nationalities: Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian and is designated as a world wonder.  Over 160 billion gallons of water evaporates from it every year without being replenished.  This has led to an alarming increase in sinkholes limiting physical access to the Dead Sea.  

Although there are plans, of varying types, to help the situation, plans that require literally billions of dollars, it is all just a pipe dream with politics and industry getting in the way and creating uncertainty as to if the help will ever materialize.  

This new type of platform for art exhibitions aims to create new ways for contemporary artists to showcase original digital artworks that will bring attention to this ongoing ecological disaster.  

The first international photography competition in the region of the Dead Sea Regional Councils; Megillot and Tamar, were proud to take part in the Dead Sea Renewal project with the GuruShots Virtual Art Museum in collaboration with GuruShots Initiative to promote awareness of the situation of the Dead Sea.  Residents of the Dead Sea region, together with residents of the State of Israel were invited to take part in this unique photography competition of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is an international area of tourism, nature and unique life texture and one of the most popular world wonders for visitors which, among other things, enjoy the many medical virtues that result from rich and unique concentration of minerals and salts.

To the dismay of millions of annual visitors’, this area is a complex array of environmental, economic and political factors that are causing the Dead Sea to disappear at an alarming rate. Noam Bedin, a press photographer who established a social media centre in Sderot and recorded the Dead Sea with timelines over the past four years, and Ari Leon Procter, an entrepreneur, former art collector and a member of one of the founding families of the Israel Museum, can be credited with documenting the decline of the Dead Sea and raising awareness of its plight.   The two appealed to the heads of the regional councils, Mr. Aria Cohen of Megilot Council and Mr. Nir Wanger of Tamar Council and received their blessing to go ahead with the project and the willingness to cooperate.  “The Dead Sea is a unique international tourist destination” said the Mayors, “It is a stage of the extraordinary one-of-a-kind virtues of nature, health, and first human connections that exist only here.  The photography competition addresses these topics with great emotion and brings them to the international platform.”  “April, 2020 marks four years since I began documenting the Dead Sea in time-lapse photography,” says Noam  “I have promoted and led many Dead Sea sails, published field articles on the world media stage and have revealed to millions around the world the dramatic changes that are taking place in this unique and beautiful place. Unfortunately, the Corona virus has prevented me from returning to document the ongoing changes in the Dead Sea. This is our unique opportunity to show our appreciation for nature and the environment that is often ignored for lack of time and opinions."

“It makes me sad to see the Dead Sea disappear,” say Procter.  “My journey with the Dead Sea began nine years ago when I brought artist Spencer Tunick to Israel.  The resulting art project included 1200 participants floating naked in the Dead Sea.  My latest dream is to build a physical museum at the Dead Sea, and so following on from the COVID-19 situation I have turned my efforts into developing a virtual art museum.  The International Dead Sea Photography Competition is a great way to allow the public to be part of this initiative.”

Results of the competition will be announced later this year.



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