The corona is still with us, but as we all become adept with the changes it has brought to our lives, events across the country are being held. Read on to see how Tamar Region invests in events for its residents and visitors.


A unique cycling event around the southern Dead Sea basin and through the winding canyons of the Sodom and Peretz dry river beds, is being planned for the end of 2020. An event for all the family (young and older) and experienced riders who can enjoy a 60 km trail on the desert terrain and on the gravel dikes in the Dead Sea.

This will be the first time that the riders can cross the Dead Sea on the dikes.  The stunning views of the salt formations, of the Moab Mountains of Jordan, the serenity that the lake oozes all provide a spectacular ride, unique and exciting for every age.  The embankment serves as the border between the Israeli Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea and passes as a fence without a barrier between the two countries that maintain a common and peaceful daily routine between them. 

The event will take place on Friday  11th December, the first candle of the Hanukkah holiday, and is a great opportunity to go down to the lowest place on earth with the whole family and enjoy a unique nature sports experience. 


  • The event is held in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.



Everyone runs on the sea! Who would have thouht that it would be possible to actually 'run on the water'!  But here we are, for the thrid time, preparing for the Dead Sea Marathon.  The routes have been designed for maximum enjoyment, and minimum repetition of tracks already covered.  The new route design also provides a short distance race for the amateurs amongst to join in this unique running experience.

The highlight of the race is a run towards the sea on the border embankment of the Dead Sea Works that surrounds the southern part of the Dead Sea. This is a unique experience as, for security reason, the option is opened up only for official events such as this.  This gives the runners the opportunity to discover stunning views of the Dead Sea Israel and Dead Sea Jordan.  The adrenalin rush the participants get is not only from the high of the personal achievement and the 'togetherness' of 4000 runners at the lowest point on earth, but also the emotion of being part of a truly remarkable natural setting.  

The race takes place with the assistance and support of the Israel Chemicals Company, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority and the Government of the Dead Sea Protection Company.

The Dead Sea Marathon has developed from foundations of the veteran Ein Gedi race (originally started in the name of two children who tragically died), which for more than 30 years hosted tens of thousands of runners and served as an anchor point in the annual amateur and professional racing calendar from all over the country. A race that indulged in the magical and quiet landscape of the area. In continuation of the commemoration of this past event the 10 km will be held in memory of Tomer and Giora Ron, fallen children of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

Tamar Regional Council and Forum Productions invite runners to take part in an international marathon, which has established itself as a mandatory race on the Israeli racing calendar! Running around the Dead Sea, alongside ancient salt crystals and facing the magical and quiet desert scenery.

  • The event is held in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.


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