A unique Desert and Dead Sea R&D program as part of the "School for Young Astronauts" will open at the end of August with the participation of 10 young students from Tamar localities. From the depths of the globe to the heights of outer space!!:)

Remember Neil Armstrong's immortal sentence? ''one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind''? So preparing the youth of today for the Israeli version is no less ambitious. At the end of August, a unique program of desert and Dead Sea R&D will be launched in collaboration with the Israel Space Agency. This is a school for young astronauts ("from Mitzpe Ramon to space") that will train 25 young participants (including about 10 students for the 9-10 grades) from the Negev region for in-depth knowledge of space science.

The purpose of the program is to provide a dedicated platform for space studies while providing the opportunity for scientific, engineering and leadership tools for the younger generation. This is a large-scale project that is spread throughout the year (physical and online one-week sessions) that includes, among other things, fascinating field tours, physical sessions and an analogue task that includes research work of space simulation.

So what is involved in this year's program? Students will enjoy online and face-to-face encounters with the various space sciences, including: astrophysics, earth sciences, astrobiology, space architecture (engineering), robotics and more. As part of these activities, students will experience new technologies, tour the field, and acquire basic skills for scientific work, work in teams and lead unique projects.

The main task of the programs’ participants will be to establish an engineering system resource for a human Mars mission, which will constitute a kind of simulation for dealing with space, such as: establishing a biological and physical laboratory, space food supply project or protecting human crew in extreme conditions.

The director of the program, Dr. Reut Sork Abramovich, an expert and researcher in astrobiology, notes: "We are very excited about the implementation of the program in the Negev region. This is a program whose role it is to utilize and channel the young talents in the area and challenge them while meeting the space world and extensive aspects of life, from medicine, astronomy, science, agriculture. This is an area that is the future of all of humanity and will provide the youth with an especially empowering and enjoyable experience. "

Reut also notes: "The tools the students will use at the end of the program are many and varied - a whole world of skills, including teamwork, self-work, enlightenment, navigation, working with 3D printers, working with mechanical / electronic tools and the list goes on."

The Tamar Regional Council wishes success to the Tamar students in the program. ‘Go forth and succeed’


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