The Tamar Regional Council is functioning on all its pistons regarding development of industry, tourism and education. Here we can learn about two major projects that are underway that will enhance many aspects for the revenue, employment and enjoyment.


The Tamar region is in someways unique.  Not only from the point of view of the lowest municipality in the world and the largest regional council (in area) in the country but also because of its ability to address the priority issues of industry, tourism and communities in the extreme conditions of the area - arid desert area, extreme heat, very little rain but flash floods that destroy the landscape on their journey to the Dead Sea.  Developing the area for the good of all is the main aim of the council.  Taking the desert and turning it into an area of scientific research, education, heritage and interest, health, family homes and industry whilst maintaining the stunning landscape and preserving the natural resources is no mean feat. But Tamar Regional Council is continuing the momentum of industrial and tourism development in the area and has stepped on the accelerator recently with developments in the fields of industry and tourism.


Ein Bokek, otherwise known as the hotel area of the Dead Sea, Israel, had, until recent years, been very tired looking and in need of a lick of paint.  The hotels are great ranging from 3 star to 5 star but the beaches and facilities were in need of a facelift.  Over the past seven years that is exactly what has happened and the area is now a bustling tourist resort with all that one would expect from a beach location.  The Dead Sea Mall is a major welcome addition to the area with shops, cafe's, attractions and of course, spa's, sea, sun!!!  

The area presently boasts 15 hotels, open beaches recently upgraded, roads repaired, proper parking areas, promenade of 5 kilometres for jogging, cycling, ambling with the most amazing views of Jordan and the Dead Sea.  And now ...

The Dead Sea region is getting yet another facelift!  A brand new road, linking the Neve Zohar community to Ein Bokek, foundations being prepared for at least 3 more brand new hotels, new view points for relaxing and embracing the panorama and of course, for amateur photographers to record their remarkable visit.  The highlight, eventually, of this new development will be a spa being erected in the centre of the Dead Sea and a parade of shops, cafe's etc on the walkway leading to the spa.  I really recommend visiting our promotions site on YouTube to get the real feel of what is coming next. 


New road at Ein Bokek 2



Continuing the momentum ... promoting INDUSTRY AT TAMAR

Mishor Rotem is an industrial area located south of Arad and east of Dimona, in the jurisdiction domain of Tamar Regional Council. In the Mishor Rotem Industrial Area there are various factories, among them chemical industry factories and large areas for quarrying phosphates and oil shale, that serve as raw materials for factories. 

Within this complex is the Haifa Group (Haifa Chemicals), who are expanding their activities by building a production line for 'Ammonia'.  This gas is present in many every day products and the new production line will enable the Haifa group to greatly expand its activities. 

The meeting that you see in the picture is a gathering of Tamar Regional Council Mayor, Mr. Nir Wanger, Mr. Motti Levine, CEO of Haifa Chemicals, Mr. Yuval MesilatI, CEO AND CFO Tamar Regional Council, Sheri Ben Shachar, CEO Dead Sea Regional Enterprises Company and Gilad Hazan, Chief Engineer Tamar Regional Council.  Together with the director of the Knesset (Israeli Government) the group heard about the project and offered their support and mutual co-operation.  

Haifa chemicals group at Mishor Rotem


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