Twenty-three years and still going strong. Bad Kissingen youth exchange create a project about their visit to Tamar Regional Council in 2019.

This is not the first article about our wonderful sister city relationship with Bad Kissingen. And I am sure it won't be the last!!  A sister city agreement can be managed in many different ways: business, community, education.  But when all three are managed in such an amicable and beneficial manner the results are quite simply rewarding, satisfying and comforting.  

Bad Kissingen, a spa town in Bavaria, connected with Tamar through Mr. Yoske Ereli.  A once resident of Bad Kissingen, came to live in Kibbutz Ein Gedi where his son and young wife were establishing their roots. Yoske worked in Ein Gedi Guest House, as it was know then - today Ein Gedi Hotel - and created the ''German desk'.  Thus blossomed the relationship between the kibbutz and Bad Kissingen.  As the years went by the regional council became involved and began operating programmes for youth exchange (that are still going until today), sports events exchange, musical exchanges, business interests and so very much more.  

The youth exchange of 2019 was recently recorded by the delegation from Germany with a visual presentation project displayed in the municipality building for all visitors to view.  Here is a short video (in German but anyone can understand and feel the delight of the students), which demonstrates how fulfilling this important venture to the youth of today.  Understanding each other is, of course, the basis for peaceful relationships and healthy communication, and after 23 years of great friendship we are proud of our association with Bad Kissingen and look forward to another 23 years of long lasting connections.

Exhibition 3
Exhibition 2



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