Nepal and the Dead Sea - together again

Nepal and Tamar are old friends, a visit from a dignitary is always welcome and happy event.

The relationship between the lowest place on earth and the highest place on earth has been ongoing for several years.  It all started with a delegation of Tamar Regional Council travelling to Nepal to officially exchange stones from the lowest place on earth and bring back stones from the highest place on earth.  The friendship has gone from strength to strength with various mutual activities, the most significant of which was the lighting of the Menora at the Everest and the lighting of the Menora at Ein Tamar EcoPark (where the statue and the stones are situated) a couple of years ago.

This year, the Ambassador of Nepal, Anjan Shakya (Ms) came to visit the Dead Sea area and enjoyed a day touring the region and holding talks with our Mayor Mr. Nir Wanger.  The Ambassador expressed a wish to open talks with regard to the Nepalese being allowed to come to Israel to work in agriculture.  The communities of the Tamar Regional Council are currently expanding their agriculture production, researching new opportunities for export and so the Mayor expressed great interest in this opportunity. The talks are continuing, the mutual benefit will surely bring about positive results.

Here in the pictures you can see the Ambassador at the statue representing Nepal with the stones at the base of the mountains, a similar statue of the Dead Sea and the stones can be found at the base of the Everest.  The statues were designed and created by a local artist JoJo from Neot HaKikar, who is currently working on renewing the commeration.   

We wish our friends all the way up on the Everest, Happy Holidays and are waiting for future visits from both sides.



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