The Int. Relations Dept, has been working particularly hard to keep our foreign connections and friendly relationships going despite the current crisis. New contacts, old contacts, new ideas, old ideas renewed,


There is no doubt that the current crisis has caused a freeze across the globe, with people being unsure how exactly to proceed.  But, not to be deterred the International Relations Department of the Tamar Council carries on regardless.  The work of this department is varied, dynamic and unpredictable.  From Sister City relationships, to hosting VIPs and dignitaries of all walks of life, maintaining and building friendships, professional relationships with politically problematic authorities and international investors/donors, international public relations that includes media throughout the world, organizing conferences, seminars and day tours of the area, the list is endless.  The department was officially established 4 years ago and has continued to expand its responsibilities including this year - a year of uncertainty and separation.  

However, the rallying cry of the team is NEVER GIVE UP.  People to people relationships are the number one priority for the staff who take advantage of every channel available to them to keep the connections alive.  

Co-operation with the Tamar neighbours; Arad Municipality and Megilot Regional Council benefits the whole region.  Just this last month the three regions joined up together on the ZOOM and took part in an in depth conversation with the Jewish National Fund (JNF) across the waters in New York and discussed possibilities for raising funds for local projects.  This meeting was then supported by a visit to the JNF offices in Jerusalem with the Chairman of the organization.  

The Federation of Local Authorities based in Tel Aviv also works hard to establish and maintain interational relationships of various levels.  Throughout the lockdowns they have run a monthly series of ZOOM meetings providing all the councils with tools for how to keep the connections viable and ideas for new ways to communicate, subjects to discuss and information about up and coming relevant online events.  

Keeping the communication going with the neighbours across the lake is also a priority and so together with EcoPeace Middle East an online meeting took place between Tamar Regional Council and Jordanian EcoPeace seeking together a solution for the onslaught of flies that arrive annually at this time.  A gathering of farmers, environmentalists, local residents and council officials discussed innovative ideas and conveyed scientific information that could well, finally, bring about a control of the influx of these pests that make the lives of the southern communities in particular unbearable.  

TRC and EP


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