The Tamar region has not given up, as much as possible life still goes on, and the COVID 19 will not beat the residents. Read on to find out how the communities bring joy to themselves.

65th birthday celebrations Kibbutz Ein Gedi
Holidays, celebrations or 'just because' events have been and gone over the past few months.  Christmas, Novy God, Hannukah, New Year, Tu B'Shevat )Environmental Day), birthdays and so much more.  No gatherings allowed, country in lockdown, some people quarantined, so how do we confront the actuality of today's normalicy and hold events for the populus despite the restrictions.  When you live in small communities like villages, hamlets, kibbutz or moshav then perhaps it is easier to reach each and every individual in one way or another.  In the Tamar region the people just don't give up.  Any excuse for a celebration is met with passion, motivation and a great deal of will, from the young  to the old .  The ideas are great, unique, and interesting and prove that human beings are resistant to most crises and are able to 'knuckle down and get on with it' for the good of one and all.  Here are some examples of the efforts and dedication of the locals:


Children selling cookies, competitions for deep fried food, Corona the alcohol and wine by the bottle, are just some of the activities shown here in the photos.  The children became entreperneurs (and learnt what that word actually means), giving them a short but effective business course.  The families entered competitions for the national holiday 'Chanukkah', strengthing the familiies creative abilities and bringing them together, the youth took advantage of the Corona and  negotiated for funds to buy the beer and wine and then distributed it free to the community whilst doning a Santa hat and celebrating Novy God, singing songs and exuding a joyous atmosphere.  And then came Enviornmental Day (Tu B'shevat the New Year for the Trees), where the young and old planted new plants and flowers whilst praying for clean air, free of the virus and new beginnings for everyone.

דוכן עוגיות משפחת קורש
The Kursh Family

תחרות מאכלים מתוגנים לכבוד חנוכה משפחת בורד
  The Bard Family

חגיגות נובי גוד בהר עמשא
  The youth of the community

משפחת ויצמן, הר עמשא טו בשבט 2021
The Weizman Family



Tu B'Shevat, otherwise known as Environmental Day, is a minor holiday in Israel and is usually celebrated by planting flowers, plants and trees.  It involves all the family coming together and gathering as a community and getting down to digging, pruning, planting and weeding.  But, perhaps because of the COVID, this year there was a need for a little more.  The people are 'hungry' for action, interaction and enjoyment outside of their own four walls.  Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar ran a Tu B'Shevat quiz cum treasure hunt this year.  The families or bubbles were given questions, riddles and tasks and sent off on their merry way all around the villages.  Each family sent in a different direction at different times - to avoid gathering - some on foot, some on bicycles and some in the car.  The children were able to run and jump and shout and feel free - a rare occasion in the last year.  There were prizes, refreshments along the way and yes,s new foliage was planted all around the village.

Tu Bishavt quiz at neot and ein tamar 3

Tu Bishavt quiz at neot and ein tamar 1



The oldest community on the shores of the Dead Sea celebrated 65 years this week.  Normally, this event is a big deal, a birthday party extraordinaire that lasts for three days.  But, of course, this year was very different.  No parties, no community feasts and no guests.  So,  despite the restrictions, the creativity was flowing and with bubbles, timetables and cooperation the celebrations began.  At six o'clock in the morning the whole community was woken by the blaring sounds of the tractor trudling along the paths of the kibbutz, the 12th graders on board with a megaphone shouting good morning to each and every family (220 of them) and music blaring from the largest speakers available. Bleary eyed and still in pyjamas, families opened their front doors only to be confronted by wanted posters stuck on their garden fences (pictures of themselves) with funny reasons why they are wanted by the authorities.  Take away breakfasts were available for collection.  The atmosphere was exciting, electric.  Even though there was very little interaction there was a feeling of joy, merriment and happiness.  The little ones had train rides around the plateau, then they went to rappling activities down the mountain side - all according to COVID regulations, of course.  A few kiosks were set up with homemade wares for take away and messages of celebration from the management committee and Tamar municipality screened on the CCTV system. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIBBUTZ EIN GEDI.heart

65th birthday celebrations Kibbutz Ein Gedi 2







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