COMING TOGETHER WHILST KEEPING APART - Tiding up the garden during lockdown

Kibbutz Ein Gedi prides itself on its Botanical Gardens. Read on to find out how, during the lockdown, the community rallied together to tidy up the benches!

Projects of all shapes and sizes have been carried throughout thousands of communities all over the world.  Families building in the garden for the children to play, municipalities creating community zoom/online learning, volunteers helping the residents in need and here at Tamar it is no different.  The national holidays are always a source of entertainment with volunteers giving up their time and coming up with ingenious ways to reach the masses to bring them joy and cheer.

Volunteers at Kibbutz Ein Gedi took time to look around their surroundings and see what could be down to bring a bit of colour and fun to the Botanical Gardens.  The old benches really were beginning to look shabby, so all hands on deck and the project began.  In fairness, it all started with the Dead Sea Works offering funds for small communities who wanted to create community projects during the lockdown.  So paint was bought,, mosiac tiles where ordered, volunteers were signed up and with a little organisation, small clusters of two or three people - one family unit at a time - came and worked every single day for a couple of hours do paint, stick, sand down and design with the result being eight benches being brought back to life ready for the visitors - when they will be allowed to come.

Benches 9.JPG
Benches 8.JPG
Benches 5.JPG


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