NEPAL - the story continues ....

Our dear friends are not just sitting on their heels and waiting for the COVID to be over, the 60 year friendship, Nepal and Israel, celebrations continue ....

Dr. Anjan Shakya, Ambassador of Nepal to Israel is no ordinary Ambassador.  As in a previous article the relationship between Tamar and Nepal is not one of a conincidence.  The highest place on earth, Mount Everest and the lowest place on earth, Dead Sea, have enjoyed a friendship for many years and Dr. Shakya is anxious to take it to the next step.  Working within the framework of the 60 year friendship celebrations between Nepal and Israel, Dr. Shakya is creating concrete friendships in the shape of Sister Cities or friendship agreements or mutual collaboration contracts.  It is all still up in the air, but talks have begun and here in the pictures, Mr. Nir Wanger, Mayor of the Tamar Regional Council can be seen visiting the Ambassador at her office in Tel Aviv.  Accompanied by Ms. Ofra Gazit, International Relations Manager of the Tamar council and the Ambassadors Attache and her resident representative a meeting took place to discuss the possibilities of continued co-operation between the region of Khumbu Pasanglhamu Rural Municipality.  One of the topics of discussion for mutual interest is the Climate change.  This is affecting both the highest and lowest regions of our globe and with the ice and snow melting and the Dead Sea disappearing, we are all devoted to finding ways to prevent this from continuing.


Photograph: Alison Ron

In the picture you can see the Ambassador presenting the Mayor with a selection of Nepalese teas.  Delicious :)


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