Celebrating 73 years since the establishment of the State of Israel, a joyous occasion every year but this year in particular.

On 14th April 2021 the celebrations for the 73rd Independence Day of Israel began.  No ordinary celebration.  Last year there were no celebrations, everyone was tightly lockdown in their houses, afraid to go out, afraid to meet people and the furthest thought from their minds was partying and family gatherings.

This year, however, the situation was very different.  Israel had just come out of lockdown, a very high percentage of the country had been vaccinated and there was an atmostphere of WOW lets just have a good time.  And what a reason for a good time!  73 years of a Jewish state, but one year of disconnection and trepidation finally at an end.  So how did the communities in the Tamar region celebrate?  

Independence day 2021 3

Ein Gedi, the largest community simply went crazy.  They started with a parade of all the various kibbutz departements; hotel, factory, welding shop, gardeners, water factory, kindergartens, school, drama group, OAP's and more.  Dressing up, singing, dancing, crazy skits, music, shouting, laughing and just having all out fun. Moving on to food stands of simply every description, and ending up with games for the children and a popular band playing the best of the best music from the 1950's through to today.

It was a moment in time to just let everything go.  A time to be proud of the State of Israel for being amoung the leaders in the COVID battle, a time to meet, greet and be merry and a time for family, friends and new acquaintences.

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