There's nothing quite like a motorbike ride on the open road

350 motorcyclists on a journey of 1400 km, call for strengthening tourism in the country.

Whilst we sit here waiting for the skies to open up and travel across borders returns, the locals are doing their utmost to promote the beautiful country of Israel to the Israelis.

In April there was a biker tour around Israel during which 350 bikers travelled 1400 km passing through major tourist sites throughout the country.
This was a travel initiative born after the Corona year by Ilan Fitoussi, director of the Chief Raiders group, who came up with the idea of ​​bringing to the fore the tourism industry in the country, which has suffered a fatal blow in the past year following the Corona virus. Ilan contacted a number of other group managers: Miri Ben Yair, an experienced rider director, Eli Rob, the witches' director, Itzik Der, a Goldwing collector, Amir Iko from Mototors and Alex from the daring group.

"During the Corona people learned to know the country due to the closure of the sky and my goal is to resonate to stay and travel here in the country. The tourist sites suffered a fatal blow some of which will never recover from, they will be erased if, the recovering tourism leaves Israel in favour of abroad. "describes Ilan Fitoussi.

The trip  departed on April 22 at 8:00 riding towards Rosh Hanikra, one of the leading tourist sites in the country. From there,  the motorcycle train travelled in the direction of Birkat Ram, the second stopping point, and from there the caravan continued on to the Sea of ​​Galilee, the most Israeli tourist site there is.
On Friday, April 23, the convoy of motorcycles left the Sea of ​​Galilee via Road 90 in the direction of the Dead Sea. At the Lido junction, they connected with Mr. Nir Wanger, Mayor of the Tamar Dead Sea Regional Council and his motorbike, who then led the convoy on to the aircraft landing at the foot of Masada, where the delegation was hosted by the council's tourism department. 

The journey  continue via the Arava Road to Eilat, where the mayor and his staff greeted everrone. Eilat received the most blows during the cursed plague. Lectures where given on saftety issues in the light of the growing wave of casualties on two-wheelers.   On the last day of the trip the bikers travelled to the Taba terminal, the southern most point of Israel and from there the journey back to the original starting point.  

Motorbikes 1
Motorbikes 2.JPG

"I sincerely hope that our journey will make waves and contribute, if only slightly, to increasing awareness of the great importance of tourism in our precious country and its beautiful and special sites." stated Ilan.

The motorbikers are regular visitors to the Dead Sea area, Road 90 is long, not particularly busy and a great track for bikers.  It is a fabulous sight to see them all on the Dead Sea road and in the Tamar region - long live the bikers! :)





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